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FDA Seeks Platform to Monitor Agency’s Social Media Outreach

FDA logoThe Food and Drug Administration wants a digital monitoring tool to help the agency track its social media campaigns and gauge public views on its programs, Nextgov reported Tuesday.

Joseph Marks writes the FDA’s office of external affairs has issued a solicitation for platform that measures how often citizens share posts about agency initiatives on social networks and analyze whether the expressed opinion is positive, negative or neutral.

In a sources sought notice, the agency says it aims to “monitor overall conversations to see what the public is discussing about our work, answer questions for them, and develop consumer content for FDA.gov and our social media channels.”

“By monitoring the success and failure of our messages via measurement and sentiment, we can plan more useful strategies to serve our audiences,” the FDA notice states.

Marks reports the General Services Administration has urged agencies to use digital metrics and analysis tools to make their social media outreach activities more effective.

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