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James Comey Confirmed as FBI Director

James ComeyThe Senate has confirmed former Deputy U.S. Attorney General James Comey as FBI director, Reuters reported Monday.

Thomas Ferraro writes Comey won a 93-1 vote on his appointment, replacing Robert Mueller as the bureau’s lead since 2001.

The Senate cast its vote after Sen. Rand Paul withdrew his opposition to Comey’s nomination following the FBI’s response to his question on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, according to the report.

Comey previously served as deputy attorney general under President George W. Bush from 2003 to 2005, Reuters reports.

Ferraro writes Comey also worked as Lockheed Martin’s general counsel until 2010 after leaving the Justice Department in 2005.

The FBI is made up of 36,000 employees, including 13,785 special agents and will be moving to a new headquarters in the next few years.

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