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Lawmakers Seek Quadrennial Veterans Affairs Plan

Veterans Affairs Department logoThe House of Representatives is looking to formulate a four-year review on Veterans Affairs planning in order to identify the agency’s long-term program requirements, Stars and Stripes reported Wednesday.

Leo Shane III writes the lawmakers intend to base the review on the Defense Department’s planning document designed to help the military concentrate on national security goals.

The proposal, pending a House Veterans Affairs Committee hearing, is intended to help the Congress oversee the operations of VA, the report said.

The draft legislation states a quadrennial review will outline spending and programming concerns of the veterans, Stars and Stripes reports.

VA officials told the legislators a strategic planning model is in progress, which VA Acting Assistant Secretary for Policy and Planning Robert Snyder expects to complete in 2014.

Rep. Tim Walz stressed the need for an extensive collaboration to provide care to veterans, noting contributions from different government agencies and other groups, Shane reports.

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