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Navy Works to Modernize Cruiser Fleet; Kurt Larson Comments

US NAVYThe U.S. Navy is updating a class of guided-missile cruisers which the service uses for surface, anti-submarine and ballistic missile defense missions, DoD Buzz reported Tuesday.

Kris Osborn writes the Ticonderoga-class warships are equipped with the Aegis system, which utilizes radar technology designed to guide the Standard Missile-3 interceptor.

Lt. Kurt Larson, a spokesman for Naval Sea Systems Command, said the branch has finished updates to eight of its existing 22 cruisers.

He added the modernization project costs up to $250 million per ship and aims to extend the fleet’s lifespan to approximately 35 years.

Upgrades cover the SPQ-9B radar, the MK 160 gun computing system and the SQQ-89A(V)15 sonar suite, according to the Navy website.

Osborn reports the team is also incorporating the Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile into the cruiser’s vertical launch system.

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