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President Obama Introduces Upcoming Agenda for Gov’t Innovation

WhiteHousePresident Barack Obama unveiled his second-term management agenda Monday, including efforts to utilize technology that works to improve government efficiency, Nextgov reports.

Charles Clark writes Obama announced during a televised speech that Sylvia Mathews Burwell, White House budget chief, will lead the administration’s smarter government initiative.

The President also introduced several of his 43 Presidential Innovation Fellows who will be responsible for sharing technology insights with government agencies.

“We are dealing with a government that’s not always high-tech or user-friendly,” Obama said after a management-efficiency meeting with Cabinet members.

“But we have made a huge swath of your government more efficient and accountable than ever before,” he added.

The President said efforts are underway to help citizens request services  electronically through MyUSA.gov, to allow agencies to track benefits faster and to simplify contracting processes for small businesses.

Additionally, he vowed to push agencies to further adopt innovation and be held accountable by citizens.

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