Pentagon Proposes Commercial Spectrum Sharing Arrangement

PentagonThe Defense Department has offered to share portion of its spectrum with mobile carriers and the Federal Communications Commission has called for public feedback on the proposal, Reuters reported Tuesday.

Alina Selyukh writes the Pentagon offered to rearrange its systems within the 1755-1780 and 2025-2110 megahertz airwaves and compress programs into the spectrum band of 1780-1850 MHz.

“We remain committed to work cooperatively on a balanced approach that protects mission-critical military operations while making spectrum available for broadband use to keep our economy in a leadership position,” said Damien Pickart, a spokesman for the Defense Department.

Reuters reports the FCC also wants input on how it should auction rights to agency-owned airwaves for use in the private sector.

The FCC and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration are preparing to sell portions of federally-controlled airwaves in the coming years, Selyukh reports.

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