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Report: Federal Budget for Cloud to Reach $1.7B in 2014

Site: lbl.gov
Site: lbl.gov

According to an IDC Government Insights report, federal agencies will spend around $1.7 billion for private cloud services by FY2014.

The report also found that a majority of agency’s utilize private cloud services, IDC Government Insights said Monday.

The report found that the leading public cloud user is the Treasury Department, private cloud user is the Social Security Administration and the leading community cloud user is the Justice Department.

IDC said that although sequestration and budget cuts have derailed the growing budget allocation for cloud services, federal cloud spending will resume by mid 2014 to 2015.

“A new emphasis on cloud solutions is expected to return within the next 18 months and private cloud investments should approach $7.7 billion by FY2017,” added Shawn McCarthy, IDC Research Director.

IDC also estimates that industry spending on infrastructure as a service cloud services will grow to $5.4 billion, software as a service cloud to $2.4 billion and platform as a service clouds to $1.1 billion by 2017.

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