U.S. Government Works with Internet Firms to Stop Chinese Cyber Attacks

CyberStockThe U.S. government has been collaborating with Internet service providers in an effort to intercept cyber attacks from China, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

Danny Yadron and Siobhan Gorman write the U.S. Department of Homeland Security provided firms with a list of Internet addresses linked to a group of hackers who intended to attack U.S. networks.

A DHS official told WSJ the cooperation that began in February aims to provide critical infrastructure organizations with the information they need to protect their networks from cyber attacks.

U.S. officials observed that cyber hacking attempts from China against U.S. companies decreased after the list was issued, according to the report.

Yadron and Gorman report that a week prior to that release the DHS consulted with Internet companies on blocking hacking groups from China, and issued a memo containing Internet Protocol addresses together with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Officials said those IP addresses came from China-based hacker group Comment Crew, WSJ reported.

DHS officials then requested Internet companies to implement countermeasure plans based on the memo, the report said.

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