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Defense Department Builds New Army Internal Social Network

SocialMediaThe Defense Department has developed a new social networking platform for U.S. Army personnel, FedScoop reported Thursday.

Cory Bennett writes milWire works to aggregate news articles and help department employees subscribe to individuals or keep track of topics, including sequestration, cybersecurity and education.

“Anything that helps the members of the DOD share ideas and information is beneficial, especially if it can cross the boundaries of components and specialties,” said Teri Centner, knowledge engineer for the Joints Staff.

MilWire users can post content, hyperlinks and videos, FedScoop reports.

The social network aims to consolidate with other sites such as milTube, milWiki and milBook under the milSuite platform, according to the report.

Bennett writes the development team plans to integrate milSuite with external news sites through a syndicated feed.

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