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John Koskinen Nominated to Lead IRS

John KoskienenJohn Koskinen, formerly CEO of Freddie Mac, has been nominated to serve as Internal Revenue Service commissioner, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

Josh Hicks writes President Barack Obama on Aug. 1 picked John Koskinen to lead the IRS, which is currently led by Acting Commissioner Danny Werfel.

Koskinen was previously Freddie Mac’s non-executive chairman from 2008 until 2011, according to the report.

The Post reports he helped Washington, D.C. handle a $323 million deficit in 2003 while serving as deputy mayor and city administrator.

According to the article, he dealt with the deficit by managing federal grants and collecting Medicaid money.

Koskinen also served as president and CEO of consulting firm Palmieri Co., writes Hicks.

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  1. Koskinen will have fun cleaning out the Austin TX ITIN Center. That IRS unit gave $4.2 billion in undeserved refunds to ITIN filers (think – illegal aliens) in 2011. According to TIGTA the problem was IRS workers ignoring ACTC fraud. They were told to. It’s been over a year since the IG report, but cleanup hasn’t even started. Or so says reporter Segall of WTHR. Google “katz segall” for more.

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