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Sasi Pillay Promotes Collaborative Efforts to Develop NASA Technologies

Sasi Pillay
Sasi Pillay

Sasi Pillay, chief technology officer at NASA, has revealed a program that aims to develop technologies which includes work on 25 potential projects this year, Federal News Radio reported Friday.

Jason Miller writes employees from across the organization’s sites and departments have submitted a number of proposals focusing on various areas of IT Labs since it was launched two years ago.

“The whole idea is to create a culture of innovation… (and) bring people of diverse backgrounds together to collaborate and innovate together,” Pillay was quoted to have said.

Miller reports every project under the program must take a brief amount of time to work on and have a positive impact on the agency’s entire community.

“The reason we have short time frames is because we want people to work on it as hard as they can and come back with some results,” Pillay told Federal News Radio.

“We make an assessment if we should take the project to the next stage of the IT lifecycle,” the NASA CTO noted.

The report says one of the initial concepts of IT Labs last year included the use of cloud technology to integrate Google Apps for Government in smart identity cards under a presidential directive on homeland security.

IT Labs is currently working on a tool that would enable personnel to access and work on any machine within the operational network of NASA, according to the article.

Pillay said NASA aims to have the service available for use in about a year.

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