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Steve Bauer: Federal Furlough Support Fund Close to Empty

money-graphThe Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund will not be able to help furloughed civilian workers after the end of this week as donation amounts have not met the number of applications, FEEA Executive Director Steve Bauer has told Federal News Radio.

Bauer told the station the group received a $30,000 donation from Blue Cross-Blue Shield and a $30,000 pledge from the GEICO Philanthropic Foundation this week, allowing loans to continue for furloughed workers.

Federal employees on furlough that have a severe illness or received eviction threats will still receive assistance, Bauer said.

“But if furlough is the only reason, come the end of this week, we’re not going to be in a position to help those folks,” he told the station.

Federal News Radio reports the group has disbursed $456,000 in funds to employees, or nearly one-third of its $1.5 million annual budget.

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