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Study: Joint US-China Aviation Projects Prone to Cyberespionage

CyberCrimeKeyboardA study has found that Sino-American aerospace operations are twice as likely to be hit by a cyber attack than companies with sole U.S. interest, Nextgov reported Wednesday.

Aliya Sternstein writes the draft report co-authored by cyberwarfare researcher Jeff Carr, founder of security consultancy Taia Global, will be presented to participants of an aeronautics conference on Monday.

According to Carr, the perpetrators are usually suspected to be outsiders looking to obtain technology secrets through indiscriminate file grabbing.

“The Chinese government is the least likely suspect because they already have access to the U.S. partner’s technology,” the preliminary report explains.

Nextgov said the draft gleaned its findings from company cyberattack disclosures, a RAND study, a Pentagon counterintelligence analysis report and other sources of public information.

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