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Report: 800K Civilian Workers Could be Furloughed if Gov’t Shuts Down

Capitol_BuildingData analysis indicates an estimated 800,000 federal civilian workers will experience furloughs if a government shutdown occurs, GovExec reported Tuesday.

Kellie Lunney writes USA Today analyzed previous shutdown contingency plans and found that large agencies exempted a sizeable number of employees performing “essential” duties from the unpaid leave.

Social Security benefits, mail delivery, veterans’ benefits, customs and border security functions would continue in the event of a shutdown, Lunney reports.

Active duty soldiers and nearly 1.3 million civilian workers are not subject to shutdown furloughs, according to the report

Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter on Monday asked the Pentagon workforce to prepare for a possible shutdown if Congress fails to reach a budget compromise before Oct. 1.

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  1. Good! They’ve been on the books to long with a majority of them not being able to be fired and contractors an eighth of their size doing all the work.

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