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Bennie Thompson: Congress Should Restart Chemical Plant Security Program

DHS - ExecutiveMosaicRep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) has called on lawmakers to approve funding for the Department of Homeland Security‘s program that oversees security at chemical plants across the country, Global Security Newswire reported Friday.

Douglas Guarino writes DHS halted work under the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards initiative due to the government shutdown.

Thompson told Global Security Newswire an explosion at a fertilizer plant in Texas earlier this year highlighted the need to minimize the risk of accidental or malicious detonation..

A Senate aide told Global Security Newswire that CFATS employees were furloughed due to the shutdown but could be recalled if a chemical incident occurs.

DHS officials are seeking ways to continue the program despite the shutdown, a Republican aide said to Global Security Newswire.

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