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Buck McKeon, Mike Turner Want Pentagon Shutdown Furloughs Halted

PentagonReps. Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) and Mike Turner (R-Ohio) have asked Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to end furloughs on Defense Department civilian employees, Breaking Defense reported Tuesday.

Colin Clark writes McKeon, House Armed Services Committee chairman, told Hagel in a letter that he could act to retain civilian workers on their jobs under the newly-passed Pay Our Military Act.

That law mandates payments for civilian defense workers and military members through the Treasury under funding not covered by fiscal year 2014 appropriations, according to the report.

Turner also wants to halt civilian contractor furloughs at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, Breaking Defense reports.

Clark writes Hagel told reporters in South Korea the Pentagon is looking at provisions of the Pay Our Military Act that cover exempt and non-exempt workers.

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One comment

  1. Why is it that these people are being furloughed when a bill was just signed by both houses to appropriate funding to keep them at work? Is somebody, trying to teach someone else a lesson? This is an outrage, particularly when you consider the way the major media is reporting this nonsense to the unwitting masses.
    Will someone please break the real news for once.
    Lastly, if we had an actual budget, like our country has always had before the current administration took office, there would be none of this nonsense.

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