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Sean Stackley, Heidi Shyu Highlight Sequester’s Effects on Acquisition

PentagonTwo lead defense acquisition officials told lawmakers Wednesday they believe the government’s short-term budgeting could heighten the effects of ongoing across-the-board spending cuts on military programs, Federal News Radio reported Friday.

Jared Serbu writes Sean Stackley, Navy assistant secretary for research, development and acquisition, told a House committee Wednesday the branch has maintained some procurements during fiscal year 2013 by restructuring programs, shifting funds and using unspent money from the previous fiscal year.

“What sequestration poses is a steady decline across the board in terms of operations, readiness, force structure, which ultimately equates to presence, response and national security,” he said, according to the report.

Sequestration has forced Pentagon officials to reduce the quantity of military purchases and delay technology development efforts, Serbu writes.

“We’re going to defer maintenance on 172 of our aircrafts, more than 900 of our vehicles, over 2,000 of our weapons systems, over 10,000 pieces of communication equipment,” said Heidi Shyu, Army assistant secretary for acquisition, logistics and technology.

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