Ash Carter Discusses Sequestration, Military Partnerships and Procurement in Recent Q&A

AshtonCarterAshton Carter, outgoing deputy defense secretary, spoke with Defense News recently about budgeting under sequestration, military alliances in the Asia-Pacific region and acquisition reform at the Pentagon, Defense News reported Tuesday.

Vago Muradian writes Carter said Defense Department leaders have been working hard to minimize the impact of government cutbacks on national security.

“We are realistic, we plan, we try to be realistic, as realistic as one can be in the Strategic Choices And Management View and all the other preparatory work we have done, for whatever happens on the budget,” Carter told the publication.

He noted that DoD’s acquisition workforce and contractors worked together on cost-control measures to keep projects going and harmonized their incentives to maintain profitability, Muradian reports.

Carter also said the U.S.’ military presence in the Asia-Pacific gives the country the flexibility to respond to disasters in partner nations.

He added the Pentagon will continue to provide bombers, tankers and cyber capabilities to the region.

“We have been keeping the peace in the Asia-Pacific theater for decades now, and the essence of the re-balance is to keep that peace and stability going, of which we have been a pivotal part,” he added.

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