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NASA Unveils Online Tech Licensing Tool; Daniel Lockney Comments

online licensingNASA has introduced an online tool for businesses and individual users to secure license for their new inventions built through using NASA research.

The QuickLaunch tool, designed at NASA’s Silicon Valley, Calif.-based research center, works to help users gain access to NASA’s portfolio technologies in order to develop commercial products and process licenses, NASA said Monday.

Daniel Lockney, NASA technology transfer program executive based in Washington, said the agency intends for the licensing tool to grow efforts to share NASA’s technologies with the U.S. industry and consumers.

Lockney added NASA aims to help business create new products, markets and jobs.

QuickLaunch features pre-approved terms, centralized electronic agreements process and response and approval mechanisms.

Users can search by NASA center and category, perform queries and apply for licenses online using QuickLaunch.

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