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Norman Dong, Richard Gregg: US Govt to Launch New Accounting Mgmt Programs

BudgetOfficials from the Office of Management and Budget and Treasury Department said the U.S. government is creating new programs with a goal of addressing address accounting and financial management requirements, Federal Times reported Sunday.

Sean Reilly writes Norman Dong, interim OMB controller, told an Association of Government Accountants conference that public officials plan to focus not just on functions, but how the government will go about doing them.

Richard Gregg, assistant fiscal treasury secretary, said the programs will gradually roll out over time. Federal Times the programs will be designed to accomplish “something transformational.”

According to Federal Times, there is no specific information or timetable for the planned initiatives yet.

Gregg and Dong were both present at the forum, which was linked with the release of the association’s annual servey of federal chief financial officers, Federal Times reports.

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