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President Obama Supports Iraq’s Fight Against al Qaeda

Barack ObamaPresident Barack Obama announced Nov. 1 that the White House has agreed to support Iraq Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s calls to counter a resurgent al Qaeda in Iraq, Reuters reported Nov. 1.

Steve Holland writes that although the White House did not specify if it will provide military aid or supply Apache helicopters, a joint statement from the two governments said that Iraq does need more equipment to conduct operations in remote areas.

Obama said that he and al-Maliki had “had a lot of discussion about how we can work together to push back against that terrorist organization that operates not only in Iraq but also poses a threat to the entire region and to the United States.”

Obama has also asked al-Maliki “to have the mechanism of democracy such as elections, and we want to hold the elections on time, and the government is committed to do so.”

Recently, six Senators said Maliki’s mismanagement of Iraqi politics was contributing to the surge of violencewhereh 7,000 civilians have been killed in the past year.


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