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Report: Iran Claims UAV Can Fly 30 Hours

Fotros (UCAV)_Iranian made missile-equipped drone_????? ????-???????? ???? ??????Iran has revealed an unmanned aerial vehicle the country claims can be equipped with attack missiles that targetobjects within a 1,200-mile range, Defense News reported Monday.

The Islamic Republic News Agency quoted Defense Minister Mohammad Dehgan as saying the Fotros drone can fly at 25,000 feet for 16 to 30 hours, according to the publication.

Dehgan told IRNA the drone is intended for reconnaissance operations and for air-to-surface missile strikes, the report says.

Defense News reports the Iranian army recently showed several drones called the Rad-85 already in production lines.

Iran has also unveiled the “Shahed 129” drone and the “Yasseer” UAV, which is supposedly based on the the U.S. ScanEagle drone.

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