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Samuel Locklear: Budget Cuts Leave US Military Unprepared

PentagonThe unpredictable fiscal environment in the U.S. threatens the military’s ability to prepare for future security challenges, the U.S. Pacific Command’s chief told the American Forces Press Service for a story published Friday.

Donna Miles writes that Navy Adm. Samuel Locklear said sequestration coupled with the government’s short-term budgeting methods could result in the military having a hollow force.

“What it does is make you spend your money based on a two- or three-year-old plan, so you can’t spend the money on the plan that you need [and] what the American people need,” Locklear said, according to the report.

“Instead of 10 percent out of a big base, it takes a big chunk out of the things we need to do to do the job today to defend U.S. interests globally,” he added.

He acknowledged the military branches’ efforts to channel their resources into USPACOM programs in order to reduce homeland security risks, Miles reports.

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