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DHS Report Identifies Pressing Cybersecurity Issues

CyberCrimeKeyboardA new report from the Department of Homeland Security has found that malware and phishing attacks continued to grow in 2012, FedScoop reported Monday.

Scott Maucione writes DHS’ U.S. computer emergency readiness team cites malware as the main cybersecurity concern with eight percent of users around the world dealing with related infections.

About 20 percent of users infect their machines with malware through Web browsers such as the Internet Explorer, the report said.

The peer-to-peer platform called Sality is cited as another popular malware source as it works to block security applications and integrates itself into other computer processes, FedScoop reports.

“This is an arms race between software developers trying to design systems and applications that are not vulnerable to malware infection and malicious developers trying to exploit said systems,” the report said.

Maucione writes DHS industry partners said phishing attacks last year amounted to about 217,000 attempts with almost 154,000 unique domain names.


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