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Grigor Barseghyan: Microsoft to Bolster Relationship With Armenia

new-microsoft-logo_EMGrigor Barseghyan, director of Microsoft‘s Armenia office, has announced the information technology company’s plans to build its partnership with the Armenian government in the coming year, ARKA reported Wednesday.

Barseghyan told reporters at a demonstration seminar that Microsoft aims to help Armenia resolve the country’s brain drain and other issues in the IT industry.

According to the director, the company has in the past introduced an IT Academy and Microsoft Innovation Center in an effort to boost the nation’s IT segment.

Barseghyan said the center and academy trained more than 3,000 specialists and students over the past few years, the publication reports.

Aside from establishing the IT centers, Microsoft and Armenia entered into a cooperation deal in 2007 meant to have the company deploy and implement educational and investment initiatives, ARKA reports.

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