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IARPA Issues Call to Industry for Knowledge Mgmt Ideas

IARPA_logo_EMThe Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity wants industry to submit ideas on developing methods for recording lessons learned from past experiences and to forecast potential outcomes from different actions.

IARPA also wants to predict future outcomes when applying those lessons and to reduce biases from judgment and hindsight memory, the agency said in a Dec. 3 notice.

Responses for the Lessons Learned Knowledge Management are due to the agency by Jan. 10, 2014.

Interested parties are also being asked to outline methods for test and evaluating whether experience-based lessons-learned methods result in accurate lessons, including metrics to assess the accuracy of identified causes.

IARPA also aims to to address recording of lessons in a way that helps to facilitate discovery, retrieval, and application of lessons for future circumstances by individuals who did not participate in the original learning experience.

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