Marines, Navy Demo Smartphone-Based Tactical Intell Sharing; John Moniz Comments

HTCphoneThe U.S. Marine Corps and Office of Naval Research has tested an approach that uses a mobile device to collect and disseminate real-time intelligence to the front lines, Federal News Radio reported Monday.

Jared Serbu writes the automated intelligence delivery system was demonstrated at the recent “Agile Bloodhound” cooperative military drill in Hawaii.

During the exercise, USMC and ONR worked to show how to sift through critical data using commercial smartphones that were connected to a USMC tactical radio platform, Serbu writes.

John Moniz, an ONR program manager, told the radio station the demonstration sought to prevent information overload on the battlefield.

Moniz added that officials are looking to increase bandwidth for small marines units and leverage a commercial cellular data transmission system, Serbu reports.

“We’re trying to tailor the product to the need of the user and the capacity of the network,” he told Federal News Radio.

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