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Pentagon Outlines Unmanned Systems Roadmap for Next 25 Years

PentagonThe Defense Department has published a document that outlines the agency’s vision and strategy for leveraging unmanned systems to accomplish air, sea and ground missions in the next 25 years, Defense News reported Thursday.

Jack Wittman writes that DoD’s “Unmanned Systems Integrated Roadmap” paper describes how the agency intends to expand defense capabilities as the U.S. faces budget uncertainty and turns foreign policy focus toward Asia.

The roadmap’s authors believe government, academia and industry must cooperate to better integrate unmanned and manned technologies and call for a selective approach to adopting innovation in the current fiscal environment, according to the article.

Wittman reports the Pentagon document also highlights the need to develop new concepts of operations and to build smaller and agile systems in order to address anti-access/area-denial threats.

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