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Profile: Rendell Jones, Associate Director of USCIS’ Management Directorate

Rendell JonesRendell Jones serves as associate director for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Management Directorate where he oversees management and infrastructure services for USCIS’ operations.

In his role, Jones is responsible for the offices of the chief financial officer, information technology, human capital and training, contracting, administration, intake and document production, equal opportunity and inclusion and security.

He most recently served as chief financial officer at USCIS.

Jones first joined the federal government in 1996 and held budgeting roles as a presidential management intern at the Justice Department before becoming an appropriations liaison officer at the justice management division and spending a year with the civil rights division.

He previously worked to help the Department of Homeland Security formulate and execute plans for DHS’ $42 billion annual budget as deputy budget director.

Jones also served as DHS’ lead executive on appropriations issues and principal liaison with the appropriations committees of the Senate and House of Representatives.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in finance, cum laude, from the Virginia Commonwealth University and a master of public administration from North Carolina State University.

Jones has received the Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Executive and the DHS’ Secretary’s Silver Medal, the department’s second highest honors.

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