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Study: Air Force, Navy to Spend $524B on Air-Sea Battle Through 2023

121126-N-PL185-082G2 Solutions has released a new report that predicts the U.S. Air Force and Navy will spend $524.5 billion combined through 2023 on an operational concept known as Air-Sea Battle.

The Air-Sea Battle FY2014: Concepts, Key Programs and Forecast report examined the Navy and Air Force’s procurement and RDT&E budgets for the fiscal year 2014 and picked 191 programs for the Air-sea Battle analysis through 2023, G2 Solutions said Thursday.

“For FY 2014 we noted an increase of $31 billion in FY 2014 spending versus FY 2012, and an increase of 34 applicable programs,” said Ron Stearns, G2 Solutions research director.

The report projects the F-35 program to account for $73.7 billion in funding through 2018 and aircraft procurement to represent 52.4 percent of total spending among other programs such as naval, space, munitions, communications collection and electronic warfare and propulsion and directed energy.

The research also presents market shares for Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and other companies.

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