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Army Plans Reorganization, Consolidation As Budget is Reduced

army stock photoThe U.S. Army is reorganizing and consolidating training programs due to reduced funding, FCW reported Tuesday.

Amber Corrin writes a plan to combine at least three virtual training programs into one platform was discussed at a recent AUSA symposium in Arlington, Va.

“We want to get away from having multiple environments, virtual gaming and instruction, and go to one synthetic environment, get to a lower overhead and integrate the full operations process,” said Brig. Gen. Michael Lundy, deputy commanding general at the Army Combined Arms Center, according to FCW.

The Army’s aviation unit will also be restructured to accommodate a smaller fleet for its intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance activities.

Lt. Gen. Mary Legere, deputy chief of staff for intelligence, said the shift is intended generate more funds that can be used to purchase technology the Army would want to keep longer, FCW reports.

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