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Chief Justice John Roberts: Judiciary Hit By Reduced Spending

John RobertsChief Justice John Roberts is lamenting the effects of sequestration on the federal courts in his year-end report and is advocating increased funding for the judiciary branch, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

Robert Barnes cited the chief justice’s report as saying the federal courts saw funding reduced by $350 million in March.

“The independent judicial branch consumes only the tiniest sliver of federal revenues, just two-tenths of one percent of the federal government’s total outlays,” Roberts said.

Security in the courts has also received less funding, he added.

Roberts noted that the numbers of clerks, probation and pretrial officers and public defenders have gone down.

“The impact of the sequester was more significant on the courts than elsewhere in the government because virtually all of their core functions are constitutionally and statutorily required,” he added.

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