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Defense Officials View Cyber as Top Security Issue

CyberStockA new Defense News poll has found cyber attacks as the top security concern among defense leaders in government and industry, with 45.1 percent of 352 respondents ranking it as number one, National Journal reported Monday.

Jordain Carney writes terror attacks came in as the second greatest area of concern, close to 20 percentage points below cyber.

“The magnitude of the cyber problem, combined with declining budgets, will challenge the nation for years to come,” Vago Muradian, editor of Defense News, was quoted as saying in the report.

Questions covered variety of other defense issues, including respondents’ perceptions on the decreased Pentagon budget, debate over the government’s intelligence activities and policy on the leadership structure at NSA and Cyber Command.

The November 2013 poll surveyed Defense News subscribers who identified themselves as officials from the DoD and members of the military, congressional and White House staff.

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