DoD Seeks Closer Look at Emerging Clusters in Tech

PentagonThe Defense Department has started a program to track the emergence of disruptive technologies from around the world, the Military Times reported Wednesday.

Ray Locker writes the Technology Watch/Horizon Scanning initiative will leverage patent analysis and other technologies from 1790 Analytics and other contractors, as well as to rely on academic and other research journals, patent filings and other data to keep tabs on innovations coming out of China and elsewhere.

Brian Beachkofski, technical intelligence director at the Pentagon, told Military Times the idea is to stay one or two decades ahead in the technology food chain.

“When you look at particular data, it’s a long time before it becomes reality,” he said.

Technology Watch compiles the top technology buzzwords that are then analyzed for potential usability, while Horizon Scanning identifies new scientific concepts and technology applications and gauges their relevance.

According to the report, the move to launch the tracking project seeks to reflect the U.S. military and diplomatic pivot toward Asia.

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