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Israel Tests Anti-WMD Ballistic Missile Interceptor

MDA photo
MDA photo

Israel has tested a ballistic missile interceptor designed to deploy kamikaze satellites that can safely disintegrate any chemical, nuclear or biological warheads, Reuters reported Friday

Dan Williams writes that Israel’s defense ministry launched the Arrow III Friday over the Mediterranean sea and into an exo-atmospheric trajectory through space.

During the test, Arrow III’s booster and “the kill vehicle continued to fly in space (and) conducted various maneuvers … for a couple of minutes,” said Yair Ramati, head of the ministry’s Israel Missile Defense Organization.

The Arrow III project is is managed by state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries, which is working with the U.S. Defense Department and Boeing on the missile.

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  1. Israel developed Arrow 3 missile to provide top-tier air defence. It is an upgraded version of Arrow 2. Arrow 3 is capable of Highter altitudes and greater ranges and effective against intermediate range ballistic missiles. I really like Israel’s Iron Dome Air Defence Missile System which is proven success many times and this Arrow 3 will strengthens its air defence system further. .. …

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