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New Commissioner John Koskinen Looks to Improve Taxpayer Services Among Priorities at IRS

John KoskienenJohn Koskinen, commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, has vowed to help the agency bolster its relationship with the public by implementing a transparent process for collecting taxes, GovExec reported Monday.

“My rule in life is to listen to everyone,” Koskinen told reporters during a recent meeting at  IRS headquarters.

Charles Clark writes Koskinen said the IRS seeks to improve taxpayer services, boost employee morale and address tax-related identity theft and compliance issues.

The IRS “is not in need of great restructuring,” Koskinen said.

“There are management challenges, but the procedures and process are appropriate for getting the work done. Employees are not the problem,” he added.

Koskinen described the automatic spending cuts as the agency’s most “intractable” challenge and he intends to work out a solid budget plan for the agency, Clark writes.

He added the IRS is cooperating with lawmakers to speed up a congressional review of the tax-exemption process, GovExec reports.

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