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Report: Defense Dept Chiefs Seek to Preserve FY 2015 R&D Funds

PentagonTop Defense Department leaders want to funds for research and development initiatives in the Pentagon’s proposed fiscal year 2015 budget amid plans within the U.S. military to realign funding for other programs, Defense News reported Saturday.

Marcus Weisgerber and Zachary Fryer-Biggs write Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel consulted with Alan Shaffer, the Pentagon’s acting R&D lead, and asked each of the military services to put an additional 15 percent of their individual budgets into R&D projects.

DoD intends to use its R&D funds to build new technologies for future weapon systems, according to the report.

Weisgerber and Fryer-Biggs write the military components’ proposed budget plans focus on operations and maintenance services in order to compensate for the sequester’s potential impacts on military readiness.

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