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Report: Defense Details on $1T Omnibus Package Deal Could Soon Become Public

BudgetLeaders on Senate and House appropriations subcommittees are gearing up to sign off on a $1.012 trillion, 12-part omnibus spending bill in order for lawmakers to vote on federal budget by Wednesday, Roll Call reported Tuesday.

Frank Oliveri writes the defense subpanels could soon publicize details of how they intend to manage expenditures under that framework.

Jim Dyer, a former Republican House Appropriations Committee staffer, told Roll Call that maintenance and operations funding represents the most flexible accounts for the Pentagon, legislators and private industry.

“Congress has repeatedly forced on the Pentagon more and better multiyear advanced planning activities, so when you rip the stuffing out of these accounts, you are not doing yourself any favors,” Dyer told Roll Call.

“They would be walking away from what they have tried to get them to do for a long time,” he added.

The publication reports that appropriators must cut $25.4 billion from defense spending levels passed by the House and roughly $31.7 billion from levels proposed by Senate.

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