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DARPA Asks Industry for Space Object Tracking Program Ideas

deep_spaceThe Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is soliciting ideas from industry on how the agency could track low-inclination, low-Earth orbit objects, Defense Systems reported Wednesday.

Joey Cheng writes that the agency wants a technology or system that can detect space objects that are at least 10 centimeters in size and have orbital inclinations within 20 degrees north and south of the equator.

Timing accuracy is required to be within 10 milliseconds and astrometric accuracy must be within six arcseconds, according to the report.

DARPA could spend up to $1.4 million on the program and the second phase of the project will utilize a data-buy scenario that puts vendors in charge of ownership, operating and maintenance of the sensors.

The agency first unveiled the project in December under the name “Uncued Detection of Low Inclined Low Earth Orbit Objects.”

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