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Jeh Johnson: Gov’t, Private Sector to Collaborate Under New Cyber Framework

Jeh Johnson
Jeh Johnson

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson says a new cybersecurity framework calling for the government and private sector to collaborate on building up the country’s cyber defense infrastructure has been stood up, Homeland Security Today reported Wednesday.

Anthony Kimery writes that Johnson told a White House briefing Monday that the guidelines went through an “extensive consultation” and are intended to follow President Barack Obama’s cyber executive order issued in 2013.

Johnson said the cybersecurity framework aims to establish relationships between the government and the private sector through sharing of cyber threat information, according to the report.

“And so that the private sector may fully adopt this framework, we are also announcing the Critical Infrastructure Cyber Community — or ‘C-cubed’ — voluntary program,” Johnson told the briefing.

Service providers and DHS’ cybersecurity professionals will work together in order to address attacks and develop threat-resistant systems under the program, Homeland Security Today reports.

“C3 is also available for immediate advice and assistance in the event of an actual cyber attack,” added Johnson.

Kimery writes Johnson also told the briefing that the Cyber Resilience Review is one of the C3 program services for organizations to assess their cyber infrastructure.

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