Marine Corps Tests Unmanned Security System for Crew Protection; Pat Cullington Comments

Mobile Detection Assessment Response SystemThe U.S. Marine Corps has started to examine the potential uses of an unmanned security system for protecting crews.

Combat Center Marines tested the Mobile Detection Assessment Response System at Camp Wilson’s ACE Compound on Jan. 30, the Marine Corps said Feb. 6.

Cpl. Ali Azimi writes the MDARS works through a remote controller or based on pre-set functions.

“When the robot detects something, it will notify the operator. Then, the operator can come back to the control station and decide what action to take,” said Pat Cullington, MDARS project manager at SPAWAR System Center Pacific.

The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command built the system with a dual-monitor display, a ruggedized keyboard, mouse, speakers, microphone, uninterruptible power supply, networking infrastructure and radio and global positioning system power sources.

The technology features navigational laser systems and radar for detecting enemies within a perimeter.

Marines with the Air Combat Element want to apply the new system to their air base ground defense.

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