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Matthew Dunlap: Maine Aims to Help Businesses Stay Alert of Fraud

CyberStockThe state of Maine introduced a web-based service that aims to protect business leaders and their organizations against fraud.

Maine’s online corporate fraud monitoring platform is designed to monitor registered entities and notify companies of potential fraudulent activity, Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap’s office said Tuesday.

Organizations have access the to service via the Maine.gov portal, a collaboration between the state government and egovernment services provider NIC Inc.

“While small business owners and corporations may be vigilant in protecting their entities and investments, it can be difficult to always stay alert and informed of outside risks,” said Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap.

“This service provides everyone, from a large corporation to the average small business owner, with a chance to be proactive in their fight against individuals who intend to harm others and seek profit by committing fraudulent filings,” said Gov. Paul LePage.

The online tool works to help users access a list of filings completed against a specific company in the past year, according to the release.

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