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Megan Kriebel of Iron Mountain: Federal IT at ‘Info Management Tipping Point’

Iron-Mountain - ExecutiveMosaicA presidential directive mandating electronic recordkeeping at all federal offices by 2019 and other data-related policies have put federal information technology at an “information management tipping point,” according to Megan Kriebel of Iron Mountain.

“Agencies are trying to balance ever-expanding record volumes with flat or shrinking budgets, all while racing to meet mandates that require a fundamental shift in how they store, access, and manage records and information,” the company’s general manager for government services said Dec. 16.

“Agencies can more easily meet the directive deadlines and find cost savings by carefully reviewing records management practices, engaging agency leaders and working with industry partners,” she added.

An Iron Mountain-sponsored online survey found 53 percent of agencies identified training and 51 percent pointed to a dedicated budget as potential ways to help them fulfill regulations for modernizing government record storage.

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