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MeriTalk Report Says Most Agencies Unaware of Tech’s Impact on IT Operations

DataCenterAccording to a MeriTalk survey, 94 percent of state and local government organizations are unaware of how data center integration, security, mobility, big data and cloud computing platforms will affect IT operations.

The “Big Five in Overdrive: Are State and Local Networks Ready?” report says most agencies at the state and local level plan to implement those enterprise technologies within the next three years, MeriTalk said Monday.

Brocade was the underwriter for the MeriTalk research, which polled 201 government IT professionals in December.

Sixty-three percent of respondents expect to encounter network bottlenecks if their organization adopt the “Big Five” services and 89 percent believe additional network capacity is necessary to handle IT tasks.

Respondents also call for efforts to bolster efficiency, share best practices and improve the decision-making process at government IT departments, according to the survey.

“Agencies can’t afford to wait, but without coordination and planning, network capacity will choke off any chance at delivering benefits,” said Anthony Robbins, vice president for the public sector at Brocade.

MeriTalk says some state and local IT organizations are working to address network latency, security and bandwidth issues.

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