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NASA, GRoK Ink Biotech Research Agreements; Moshe Kushman, Yolanda Marshall Comment

biotechNASA has moved to further the development of biotechnology methods for space and Earth applications by granting two licenses on patented technologies to GRoK Technologies LLC.

GRoK Technologies will use four NASA technologies under the agency’s Technology Transfer Program to develop medical treatments for reconstructing human bones and muscles, NASA said Friday.

“The GRoK team is delighted we are now a NASA licensee with the opportunity to bring forward into the commercial sector technologies that have the capacity to improve the lives of people everywhere,” said Moshe Kushman, GRoK founder and CEO.

“Biotechnology research taking place on the International Space Station and at NASA centers around the country continues to push the leading edge of science,” said Yolanda Marshall, director of the strategic opportunities and partnership development office at NASA’s Johnson Space Center

GRoK intends to apply the technologies for the BioReplicates system, which is intended to create three-dimensional human tissue models; and the Scionic platform, built to help with musculoskeletal pain and inflammation medical devices.

Marshall said NASA’s partnership with GrOK aims to share new space-based research with private sector partners.

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