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Jim Myers: Agencies Begin to See the Intersection of Cybersecurity and Big Data

jim myers-2A new MeriTalk report has found that federal agencies are becoming more aware of what big data can do to improve operations, a trend Jim Myers, senior vice president and general manager for cyber solutions at Northrop Grumman, believes is increasing the need for risk management and predictive analysis tools.

“Continuous monitoring and advanced analytics of data provide agencies with an unprecedented understanding of their networks and security posture,” said Myers, on Monday.

“This paves the way for powerful predictive capabilities in the future that will empower agencies to focus on real threats and mitigate risk,” he added.

Federal IT experts in the Northrop-commissioned report note that as data sets evolve, so does the sensitivity and risks associated with managing information.

They suggested categorizing data, utilizing dashboards to organize incoming information from various analytical tools and adopting a government-wide strategy on a cyber big data-based information architecture.

Agencies also need risk management systems that have continuous monitoring and mitigation capabilities designed to deliver timely insights, they added.

The “Balancing the Cyber Big Data Equation” report examines the relationship between big data and cybersecurity from the perspective of 18 federal IT officials.

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