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Rafael Borras: DHS Implements Data-Based Mgmt System

Rafael Borras
Rafael Borras

The Department of Homeland Security has adopted a new management system designed to help agency personnel monitor internal operations and use collected data in making business decisions, Federal News Radio reported Wednesday.

Jason Miller writes Rafael Borras, former DHS management undersecretary, explained how the agency’s Management Cube platform would enable development of data-based action plans in a recent interview.

“So for example, if DHS is looking at a facility in Dallas, Texas, it’s not that hard to know how many people are assigned to that facility,” Borras told the radio station.

“The system can now not only query how many people are assigned to this location, [but by] looking at our security data, we know how many people swipe in and swipe out,” he added, according to the report.

Miller writes the program is a result of Borras’ efforts to standardize the way DHS builds and maintains enterprise databases.

During his tenure, Borras also prioritized consolidating the department’s financial management systems and driving the agency toward a clean audit, Miller adds.

“The most important thing I always say is, I believe in my people,” Borras said.

“Around the clean audit, I became the chief belief officer. No small role,” he added.

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