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Strategy Analytics: US to Represent 48% of World Military Radar Spending

market growthStrategy Analytics has forecast North America to continue leading the world in military spending on radar equipment, a trend the firm believes will be largely driven by demand for airborne platforms such as the F-35.

The industry could be worth $16 billion in 2022 and that value would translate to shipments of up to 900 land, sea and air units worldwide, the market analysis firm said Tuesday.

According to the study, the U.S. will account for 48 percent of the output and military radar spending in Asia-Pacific will come from countries out of nations looking to address regional and international challenges.

“Demand from airborne platforms will dominate overall unit demand reflecting the overall trends of system demand from emerging platforms such as the F-35, as well as upgrading existing platforms with new radar capabilities,” said Eric Higham, North American director for advanced defense systems at Strategy Analytics.

The ADS service series of forecasts also outlines predicted trends on global defense expenditures for military radar systems, hardware, support and related services.


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