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U.S. Maintains European, Middle East Ties Amid Asia-Pacific ‘Rebalance’

PentagonThe U.S. is maintaining its defense partnerships in Europe amid the Obama administration’s efforts to shift focus to the Asia-Pacific region, Defense News reported Saturday.

Marcus Weisgerber writes a U.S. defense official told a press conference in Warsaw, Poland, that the Polish government backs the U.S. in increasing its presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

“All the West should in general be looking toward the Asia-Pacific just because that’s where so much of the world’s economy is and there is certainly enough going on there from a security perspective that we need to all pay attention to,” the official told reporters.

Some European countries are also looking to form military alliances in the region, including France which is set to deploy a warship for a U.S. Navy annual exercise there, according to the report.

“The United States will engage European allies to collaborate more closely, especially in helping build the capabilities of other global partners,” Defense Secretry Chuck Hagel told a conference in Munich.

Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby told Defense News that the U.S. continuing its presence in the Middle East, where a Navy aircraft carrier is being docked.

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