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Veterans Affairs Issues RFI for On-Demand Data Storage

Veterans Affairs Department logoThe Veterans Affairs Department is seeking information on a commercial on-demand data storage system intended for VA’s enterprise operations to perform business functions for agency clients.

The VA issued a request for information on Monday for a storage concept that takes into consideration the growth rate of data and helps to address capital expenditures and maintenance costs.

EO works to protect customers’ information through disk mirroring and tape backups and assess the tape and storage platform in order to maintain disaster recovery capabilities.

Interested vendors are asked to submit information on storage on demand service offerings and the kind of platforms that they provide.

The VA also seeks description of potential joint ventures that will be required to perform the task, product duration, market availability, price history and product modifications needed.

Interested companies must send the response via electronic means through the Virtual Office of Acquisition website on Feb. 28.

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